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  • Management of the network and teaching support

    Management of the network and teaching support

    MajorNet helps you with the complex management of the internet network of your school to guarantee the privacy and the protection of minors on the network, to offer everyone the necessary speed of navigation

  • Increase the productivity of your work

    In the professional studio, in the medical center, in the office you can reach new levels of efficiency and productivity, organizing the work and simplifying the management of communications, even while on the move

  • The Public Administration that you want

    The way in which an Administration presents itself to the outside world is crucial for its operation, its efficiency, its prestige: MajorNet helps you offer members of the public services that are clear, fast and organized

Unified management of communications

Management of the Internet bandwidth

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), the number of devices that require an internet connection is growing exponentially: more and more bandwidth is needed. At the foundation of a modern, digitized organization is the adoption of methods and systems for the management and optimization of the internet bandwidth available, such as those offered by MajorNet.

Network Security

The organization is faced, on a daily basis, with the not always simple management of the information network and its associated services. MajorNet helps you with this task, guaranteeing the protection and the privacy of the network's users, solving security problems and offering all organizations the chance to activate their services on the Internet.

Organization of Communications

These days to work is to communicate, both in business and in public administration. The substantial modernization of work methods and of the bureaucratic machine requires means of communication that are integrated, streamlined and fast, like those that you can create with MajorNet, according to your organizational model.

Lost in the cloud?

Recover control of your presence on the Internet, organize your locations and your people with complete freedom. The MajorNet platforms, connected to Internet (and telephone) networks are the means to get back to active participants in a way that lives online. Without dependencies and without restrictions: take your business online for what you need, in the way you need it.

The right technology at the cost you expect

All the modern network technology at costs compatible with big, medium and small organizations. A modular range of functions that allows you to start with a small investment and to grow as you wish, how you wish. You can add new functions to the same basic platform, or to new platforms integrated with each other. The reliability and the stability that you need at a cost that you expect.

Who chose MajorNet

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